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I live in Rancho Santa Fe, California with my wife Phyllis.  I retired from the software industry in 2001 and have traveled extensively since that time.  I have a passion for nature photography, especially birds, and have been on a number of expeditions to Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Baja and the Galapagos in pursuit of the perfect image.  I retired from long lens photography in 2014, primarily because I was no longer strong enough to comfortably carry all of the heavy equipment necessary to produce quality images.  I also enjoy travel photography, and have had many opportunities to pursue that interest.

I've created this website to facilitate the sharing of favorite nature and travel images.  As of now, 2016, it is unlikely that I will be adding further images to this website.  However, I plan to maintain the site so that others may enjoy the images.

Please feel free to contact me if you have an interest in, or would like to discuss, any of the images on this site and please sign my guest book.

Bill Holsten


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